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English Class Module: Skill, “Nouns”

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Through this online course the student wil engage in a series of activities that will encourage language learning sklls in English. The lessons are designed in short sessions to enable students to work at their level and pace.

English Class Module: Skill, “Nouns”

PROFESSOR: Harry W. Martinez


Greetings! ,
You have taken an important step in choosing to learn through an online course. I would like to take the opportunity to
welcome you and let you know a little about myself and what to expect from the course.
After teaching for more than 20 years I was looking for something new and motivating for my students. In this quest I noticed the great interest of students for electronic gadgets such as iPads, iPods, computers etc. Being a visionary person I thought it would be great if students could have access to the class at any time anywhere. This stimulated me to search for viable ways to accomplish my goal. Then I found websites that enabled teaching online. I said, “Wow this is the future!” Now here we are embarking into a 21 century revolutionary manner of education. You are a brave and a pioneer in what is an accessible and exciting educational tool for the learning process. Welcome!



This module is designed to teach students to identify words that are used as nouns. Through the course the student will engage in a series of examples, exercises and activities that will enable the learning process in such skill.


Level : 3 - 4th grade



When having finalized this online module, the student would be able to identify words that are nouns of person, place thing or animal through the activities presented.



1. Definition of a noun.

2. Nouns that name a person.

3. Nouns that name a place.

4. Nouns that name a thing or animal.


Course Program:


Introduction. Presentation of professor, Introduction of rules and guidelines.


Part I

  • Pre-test
  • A PowerPoint presentation of nouns of person and place.
  • Exercise of nouns that name a person and place.
  • Post-test 

Part II.

  • Pre-test
  • A PowerPoint presentation of nouns of thing and animal.
  • Exercise of nouns that name a thing and animal.
  • Post- test
  • Test for a grade

Evaluation and Assessments:

  • Pre-test and Post test
  • Exercise Assigments
    • Test for grade

Please open the attachment for further information.

Rules and Guidelines.docx

*At the end of each lesson students are required to write on the class blog about they have learned and what things did they like about the lesson. They are encouraged to express their opinion within the topic of the lesson.



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