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English for Sports School

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This is an online class for ECEDAO students who wish to complete some units for their English class
while in competitons or unable to go to school.
Created by: Mrs. Ruth I. Lopez Sanchez


     In this course the ESL student of the ECEDAO School will explore and have a way of completing assignments by units for his English class of the Tenth grade. The students will work on his own pace to complete the units.  His/Her work will be credited and added to his School work done in ECEDAO.

ID course - 70888

Course name: English for Sports School


Professor: Mrs. Ruth I. Lopez Sanchez    ECEDAO School Teacher


Course Description:

     The Online English course for the 10th grade: English for Sports School will include some Writing Expectations from the Department of Education aligned with the Standards and English Writing Skills addressed in the English Curriculum. These may include Writing Expectations from 7th to 12th grades, to include previous and higher levels which in class may be addressed when needed.

Objectives: After completing this Online English Course, the students will:

1. Identify the parts of speech in the sentence.

2. Use the parts of speech correctly

3. Use the Writing Process to produce written paragraphs


I The Sentence

II The Noun

III The Pronoun

IV The Adjective

V The Verb

VI Adverbs

VII Prepositions

VIII Conjunctions and Interjections

VIX The Paragraph



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