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Encouraging Reading Habits

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Course Syllabus
Professor: Mrs. Maria M. Soto
Required Books:
 (2000). Literature Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes,Upper Saddle River,  NJ: Prentice Hall.
Course Goal:
This course is intented to provide reading skills necessary to be a confident and independent reader, and to help  improve your comprehension of written English in order to compete successfully in an academic program.
Skills :
• increasing vocabulary
• identifying main ideas
• reading critically
• making inferences
• discussion
• quizzes and homeworks
*on line activities
Grading scale: 100-90% A
B 89-80
C 79-70
F 59-0
Remember plagiarism is not allowed. A student who plagiarizes  faces penalties that may include receiving an F on an assignment or in the course.
Syllabus based  on a model of

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