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Historia de Estados Unidos

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Breve estudio histórico el origen del periodo colonial en el este de los Estados Unidos.


PROFESOR: Isamari Cruz
I. Module Description:
This module is a brief introduction to the Colonial Period, the settlement of the 13 colonies, its impact on the USA development and the process of independence from the British government.
II. Objectives:
At the end of this module, students will be able to:
1. Explain the beginnings of the Colonial Period.
2. Name and locate on a map the Thirteen Colonies.
3. Identify the actual states on which the colonies settled.
4. Narrate the origin of the Thanksgiving Day
5. Establish cause and effect of the colonies intentions for independence.
6. Create a time-line with major historical events.
7. Recall important dates as the Independence Day.
III. Themes:
            A. Beginnings of Colonization
            B. The Pilgrims of America
                        1. Thanksgiving Day
            C. Northern and Central Colonies
            D. Southern Hills
            E. Thirteen Colonies
            G. The Way to Independence

IV. Evaluation:       Weighting
            A. Test    -    60%
            B. Assessment - 20%
            C. Homework - 5%
            D. Special projects, quizzes - 15%
V. Grading Scale
VI.             General Rules:
A.    Visit this page daily. News, resources and discussions are constantly  updated.
B.    Communicate using a respectful tone. Do not write all in capital letters.  Avoid comments judging or rejecting others opinions.
C.    Plagiarism and cheating are not academically or morally accepted.  Always give your best while taking a test or presenting a work.
D.   All students should comply with deadlines. In case of an emergency or long-term sickness, the student should notify the teacher via e-mail.
E.  Students needs to participate in the forums, discussions, blogs and videoconferences. At least four comments per week should be completed.


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