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Module Personal Pronouns

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Basic English Course
Personal Pronouns


Syllabus for Module on Pronouns
Course: Basic English I
Module 1: Personal Pronouns
Prof. Carmen Ramos: I have taught English for over 30 years at high school and college level. At present I am a professor at Humacao Community College.
(Read Institution’s Policies Appendix)             
Module Description
There are many pronouns in the English language, but it is important that you learn to use them correctly. This module will help you review, understand, and practice Personal Pronouns. We will study the personal pronouns that are divided into subject, object, possessive and reflexive pronouns. Using pronouns correctly will allow you to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
 After having studied the personal pronouns, subject, object, possessive and reflexive case the students will: 
a.       Substitute nouns for pronouns using the correct subject and object pronouns.
b.      Distinguish differences in subject and object cases.
c.       Distinguish differences in possessives adjectives and possessives pronouns.
d.      Use the correct possessive pronouns in sentences.
e.       Determine the correct reflexive pronoun to use in sentences.
I.                   Introduction to the use of Personal Pronouns.
      Diagnostic Test
      Define Personal Pronouns
              Personal Pronoun Chart
II.                Lesson 1: Subject Pronouns
            Usage of subject pronouns
            Practice exercises
            Subject assignment exercise to be posted by March 4, 2011 at 11:59pm.
III.             Lesson 2: Object Pronouns
        Usage of object pronouns
        Practice exercises
        Practice of subject/object pronouns
        Object assignment exercises to be posted by March 7, 2011 at 11:59 pm.
IV.             Lesson 3: Possessives Pronouns
      Usage of possessive pronouns
      Relationship of possessive adjectives/possessives pronouns
      Practice Exercises
      Possessive Pronouns assignment exercises to be posted by March 10, 2011 at 11:59 pm.
V.                Lesson 4: Reflexive Pronouns
      Usage of reflexive pronouns
      Practice Exercises
      Reflexive Pronouns assignment exercise to be posted on March 16, 2011 at 11:59pm.
100 points total
Criteria /Evaluating Method
Subject assignment exercises                                                  10 pts.            
Object assignment exercises                                                     20 pts.            
Possessive Pronouns assignment exercises                        10 pts.            
Reflexive Pronouns assignment exercises                             10 pts.
Module Test                                                                                    50 pts.            
100    -   90- A
 89    -    80- B
 79    -    70- C
 69    -    60- D
 59    -        - F
All assignments will be posted on the dates given in each lesson. Your questions will be answered within 48 hours. They should be posted on the Frequently Asked Questions forum so other students can benefit. Assignments that are posted after the given date will be penalized a 10% for each day they are late.  To answer the Module Test you will have from March 18-19, once you open this file you will have 45 minutes to answer it. If you cannot answer test send e-mail to teacher to coordinate arrangements for a make-up. The grade for each assignment will be posted before the due date of the following assignment, if you have posted them on time.  On line office hours (chat) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:00.
Appendix: Institution’s Policies
E-mail and Internet Policy
Voice mail, email, and Internet usage assigned to a student's computer or telephone extensions are solely for the purpose of conducting the online English Course. Some assignments might require access to the Internet and the use of software in addition to the Microsoft Office suite of products. Only people appropriately authorized, for the online course purposes, may use the Internet or access additional software.
Internet Usage
Internet use brings the possibility of breaches to the security of confidential Institutional course information. Internet use also creates the possibility of contamination to our system via viruses or spyware. Spyware allows unauthorized people, outsiders, potential access to the institution’s passwords and other confidential information.
Removing such programs from the institution’s network requires its staff to invest time and attention that is better devoted to core chores. For this reason, and to assure the use of work time appropriately for work, we require students to run their email content through an anti-virus application before submitting it.
Additionally, under no circumstances may the institution’s computers or other electronic equipment be used to obtain, view, or reach any pornographic, or otherwise immoral, unethical, or non-school-related Internet sites. Doing so can lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of your online course without recourse.
Email Usage at the Institution
Email is also to be used for school related purposes only. The institution’s confidential information must not be shared with outsiders at any time, without authorization. You are also not to conduct personal business using the school computer or email.
Please in mind, that as you consider forwarding non-school related emails to associates, family or friends, non-school related emails are a waste of instructional time.
Viewing pornography, or sending pornographic jokes or stories via email, is considered sexual harassment and will be addressed according to our sexual harassment policy.
Emails That Discriminate
Any emails that discriminate against students or anybody else by virtue of any protected classification including race, gender, nationality, religion, and so forth, will be dealt with according to the harassment policy. These emails are prohibited at this school. Sending or forwarding non-school emails will result in disciplinary action that may lead to course termination without recourse.
Institution’s Student Email
Keep in mind that the school owns any communication sent via email or that is stored on our school system and/ or equipment. Management and other authorized school staff have the right to access any material in your email or on your computer at any time. Please do not consider your electronic communication, storage or access to be private if it is created or stored at school.
Winkler and McCuen-Metherell. (2008). Writing Talk Sentences and Paragraphs with Reading.                              
      Pearson Prentice Hall, New Jersey.
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