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English Reading Comprehension

Jennifer Fuentes Rodriguez
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Welcome! to English Reading Comprehension in this course we will be discussing and applying different reading comprehension vocabulary and exercises. The purpose for this class is that the students will learn and be able to apply this knowledge every time they need it. As a focus for the activities the story "The Magic Fish" will be used but this can also be applied to any story and any level.

General Objective: Learn about the different parts used in reading comprehension and be able to apply that knowledge whenever needed.

Specific Objectives:
o Define, place in ABC order, and use in context vocabulary words.
o Identify: Parts of a book (Title, Author, Illustrator, table of contents, ect..)
o Identify Characters, Settings, and events of a story.
o Describe characters (characteristics) and the settings.
o Discuss the story and answer questions about it.
o Sequencing/Ordering events
o Complete a concept map.
o Write and discuss any issues or questions about the reading.

Pre-evaluation to determine what the student knows.
Assignments - 20%
Journal/blogs - 10%
Quizes - 10%
Final Exam - 60%

Grade Scale
100-90 A
89-80 B
79-70 C
69-60 D
59-50 F

E-mails, Blogs, and Forums

E-mails will be answered between Monday and Friday as late as 7:00 pm and must be about the class.  E-mails will be answered the next day or in two days maximum.  I expect the same answering time for any e-mails sent to you.  Forums are a place where you can write any doubts or questions that you may have. Anyone can answer as long as it is done in a respectable way the opinions of everyone must be respected.  I will also be checking and answering the forums twice a week.  Blogs will be written once a week and will be checked and give 5 points for each one written.


Assignments will be given on a weekly basis and will be checked and corrected no later than Tuesday of the following week.  Any assignment not done on time can be handed in the following week but will be deducted points.


Blackwell, Melissa , (2008). 'The Magic Fish'. In: (ed), Listen, Read, and Learn . 1st ed. Greensboro, NC: American Education Publishing . pp.54-101.

Aquí tienes el esquema de la clase:

1. Week One - Introduction to Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary

In this first week you will be introduced to the basic vocabulary you will find when working on reading comprehension exercises.

2. Week Two- The Magic Fish

During this week we will be working with vocabulary. Here we will find the definition of words in the dictionary, apply them in Alphabetical order, and use them in context. Remember when Placing words in Alphabetical order you are following the Alphabet, if there is more than one word that begins with the same letter then include the second letter and the third if needed. The Alphabet does not change order.

3. Week Three- The Magic Fish (The Story)

This week we will begin reading the story of the magic fish. Characters, title, settings, events, and so on will be discussed. There will also be activities to see how well the story is being understood.

4. Week Four- The Magic Fish

This is the final week we will be working with the story of The Magic Fish.

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