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INGL 3236: Technical Report Writing

Sandra Rios
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Course Description: Three credit hours per semester of which 33% will be offered in face-to-face classroom interaction and 66% will be offered online through Edu 2.0.

The planning, writing, and production of formal technical reports, memos, letters, and other short technical documents commonly written by professionals in a wide variety of workplace settings.

What is the Focus of this Course?

The following topics are covered in this course: the nature of technical communication, the composing process, collaborative writing, writing for different audiences, the rhetorical situation, effective organization and style, electronic communication, document design, visual aids, instructions and procedures, short reports, formal reports, short proposals, and oral reports.

INGL 3236: Technical Report Writing has as its primary focus to present the basic principles and guidelines for the writing of well organized, attractive, and user-friendly technical documents.  The technical writing skills we will be developing in this class will focus on communicating about the environment.  Environmental problems, for the most part, are highly scientific and technical problems that affect every academic and scientific discipline from chemistry, biology, medicine, and physics to agriculture, business administration, and the fine arts.  The ability to communicate this scientific and technical knowledge to a wide variety of audience with  different technical and scientific backgrounds is an important step towards solving the problems we confront as human beings in complex technological societies.

Aquí tienes el esquema de la clase:

1. Fall 2014 Syllabus

21 Sep

Fall 2014 Syllabus for INGL 3236: Technical Report Writing.

2. Introduction to Course Syllabus

7 Oct

The following Lesson will familiarize students with the syllabus for INGL 3236.

3. Definition of Technical Commnication and Writing

8 Oct

What is technical communication and technical writing. This lesson will define the terms so that you may understand how technical communication and writing are different from other kinds of communication and writing.

4. Features of Technical Communication

What are the features or qualities of good technical writing? How does technical writing differ from academic writing. This module describe the features of good technical writing and explain how technical writing differs from other kinds of writing in specific academic writing that students usually perform while studying at a university.

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