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English 2109 Reading

Iris Debbie Rodriguez Ramos
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English teacher for the Department of Education for 15 years, teach Jr. High school and High school. Favorite activities are Reading and Traveling. Teaching Philosophy Social Constructivist, language is a priority in the process of intellectual development.


Teacher: Iris D. Rodriguez


Description of the Course

English is a mixed purpose class. This online course will address on of the purposes that is Reading. Reading is a basic skill that is necessary in life. It is a practical job skill and it also provide pleasure. In this course we will be emphasizing on the English Curriculum, Content Standards and Grade Level expectations.


1.The student should be capable of explain different genres using guide questions for better understanding of the reading selections.

2. The student should be capable of demonstrating their understanding of the reading by expressing their thoughts through the different sources such as forums and blogs. 

3. The student should be capable of using vocabulary adequate to his age level during online discussion.

4. The student will demonstrate fluency, speed, automaticity, and rapid word recognition in reading.

5. The student will distinguish text structure.

6. The student will recognize main idea and relevant details.


The student uses reading  strategies, literary analysis and critical thinking skills to construct meaning and develop an understanding as well as an approach of a variety of genres of both fiction and non fiction.


Analyses the text, establishes purpose, and distinguishes between text features.

Analyses context clues, references sources, and other vocabulary expansion strategies to assess word meaning using prior knowledge to relate to new meaning.

Analyses character and traits; explains setting in fiction and non fiction; distinguishes between first person and third person point of view.

Organizes plot; establishes cause and effect relationship; makes predictions , inferences, draws conclusions and classifies conflicts in narratives, expository, and expository text.

Distinguishes between fact and opinion in a narrative and expository text; states and paraphrases main idea and selects important details.

Uses elements of poetry and plays to analyze, interpret and identify genre.


1. In what was does literature contribute to our understanding of the world?

2. Why is it important every person to be able to read and understand what they read?

3. How does comprehension contribute to lifelong learning?

Online Reading course preparation

1. Components of the course: objectives, expectations, calendar, activities, modules, assessment, and evaluations of learning.

2. Reading Selections.

3. Course requirements and politics for completion.

Outline of the Concepts and Time Line Distribution

August- September 6 weeks Genres, Elements of Fiction             
September- October Narratives, Personal narratives, and Memoirs
November- December Our World Through Informational Text

1. Activities will be sent every Tuesday and Due every Tuesday, unless instructed differently.

2. Reading Selection will be online. They will be placed in the TAB marked LESSONS with their respective links.

3. Work will have detailed instructions. It will be placed on the TAB called WORK.

4. My E-MAIL and Blog are available for any questions.

5. There will be Assessment and monthly evaluations. Also weekly Reflections on your blog will be a requirement.


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