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Outer Space

Eileen Stone
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Professor:  Eileen Stone Maldonado, M.A.E.D.

Biography:  Educator, writer and curriculum designer.  I have worked over twenty-five years teaching at elementary and middle level.  Through these years, I have been able to write and publish literature for young children who are learning English as a second language.  As well as, working in different areas related to school administration and curriculum implementation.


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This is an English as a Second Language course designed for third grade students, based on the standards and expectations of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico, as well as its Curriculum Framework.   It is centered in the Naturalistic Approach, the TPR Approach and the Constructivist Approach, together with the Balanced Literacy Theory and the Multiple Intelligences Theory.   Through the use of diverse learning strategies, the student will go through different educational experiences related to listening, reading and writing skills. 

This module is based on the last unit of the Curriculum maps of the Department of Education designed for the third grade. 

General objective: In this unit, the student will do a genre study of science fiction and research for characteristics of planets and the solar system in order to write a science fiction story.

Conceptual objectives: By the end of the module, the student will be able to:

·         use acquired vocabulary in diverse contexts.

·         demonstrate knowledge related to the Solar System and its components.

·         write a short Science Fiction text based on the acquired information.

Content Standards and Learning Expectations of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico

Listening and Speaking

L/S.3.1 Listens carefully during a read aloud from a variety of narrative texts to comprehend and identify the main character and setting.


R. 3.1. Decodes words and phrases to read fluently.

R. 3.2. Applies phonemic awareness strategies to identify syllables and word family patterns.

R. 3.4. Identifies and states the main character(s), identifies character traits, establishes similarities and  differences between characters, and identifies setting within narrative text.


W.3.1 Arranges words in alphabetical order using first and second letter criteria.

W.3.4 Recognizes descriptive and narrative writing forms; writes words, phrases, and simple sentences to develop descriptive and narrative three sentence paragraphs. W.3.5. Applies the dictionary as an aid in the writing process; uses simple prewriting techniques to generate ideas.



1. What is science fiction? What are the characteristics?

2. What is the Solar System? What are the components?

3. Writing a science fiction story.

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